A core focus of Avalon's Mergers & Acquisition practice is branded consumer non-durables, where we have a strong legacy in the fashion space, both retail and wholesale. Avalon has represented sellers and buyers in numerous high profile home goods, apparel, accessory and jewelry transactions, involving both healthy and stressed firms. Whether the objective is a dividend recapitalization, or a generational transition, or when losses are threatening to undo decades of good work, Avalon brings the tools, knowledge and Rolodex to maximize benefits to business owners.

A critical element in successful completion of these transactions is our knowledge of the acquirers' universe—which potential counter parties have needs that might best be addressed via a strategic transaction , whether to fill out a product line, add a sourcing capability, improve or re-balance the customer mix, go "vertical" with retail distribution, or leverage intellectual property in new, different and better ways. Beyond the universe of strategic buyers, we have also forged strong relationships with Private Equity, and are equally adept at structuring transactions with this financially savvy audience for either change-of-control or non-control investments.

Our strategic efforts are increasingly focused on foreign manufacturers that are seeking to control more of the value chain—what in Chinese is called "yi tiao long," or one long dragon, but which is also equally relevant to the Western European, Turkish and South American firms that we work with.

Where trademarks are an important asset—and in the 21st Century world of consumer goods, few companies can generate consistent returns without owning brands or developing sophisticated inbound licensing skills—Avalon is notable both for being able to articulate the value of intellectual property and for our skills in executing transactions speedily: We are particularly sensitive to the dangers of transition-related snafus impacting the long-term viability of a brand. So while we focus on efficient transaction execution, we always are alert to the need to keep lenders in the loop, so that they will continue to fund productive activities during the sales process.

Our focus for our sell-side clients is to maximize value, whether via an auction process or to an identified party. On the buy-side, we have frequently been retained to help identify and acquire companies that are not "for sale"—a source of proprietary deal flow for both strategic and financial buyers. In the final analysis, we are proud that our transactions have demonstrated a history of long term success, a testament to our pro-active stewardship of the transaction process through which we assist our clients.

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