Avalon Net Worth's professionals have broad industry knowledge, gleaned from many years providing financial advisory and other services to a wide variety of media, entertainment and technology companies as well as actual senior level operational experience. In the rapidly evolving, disruptive new media sector, we not only understand the ecosystems and opportunities from a conceptual basis, we also understand the intricacies of running such companies in a constantly mutating environment. We also have actual C-level operational experience in running Internet and other types of media companies.

We offer business affairs services, including deal preparation and execution; development of compelling investment theses; careful selection of the most appropriate execution options; selection of investors, merger and joint-venture strategic partners, and potential buyers most motivated to act. To accomplish such goals, we create thoughtful and effective offering memoranda and marketing materials,  conduct focused and energetic marketing efforts, and execute strategic plans based on our decades of combined industry expertise and business experience.  We apply the same experience and knowledge base to auctions, buyer assignments and strategic advice.

In the process of working on capitalizations and other forms of  financing, we rely on extensive valuation experience in traditional and digital entertainment media, including film, television, videogame, publishing, music, transmedia Internet services and content, computer software, technology and in other industries, such as the field of sports.  Our analysis is informed by a variety of inputs such as competitive analysis, industry dynamics, financial performance, possible buyer synergies, and multiple approaches to company valuation.

As part of our business advisory services we have also worked with founders and operators to design and structure corporate visions to optimize value for their businesses. These can include, among other activities, brand development, the auditing and analyzing of  intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets) and other assets to determine how best to maximize their potential. Based on our industry relationships, we have also helped clients find complementary professionals to assist them in meeting their management goals, including interim CEO’s, CFO’s, permanent executives and other key staff members.

For further information on the Entertainment, Media & Technology practice, please contact:

Eric Philo, CFA, Managing Director
Office: (212) 764-5610

William Nix, Senior Advisor
Office: (818) 763-0374